Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movie Night Pick - The Dark Knight


As you can see, I'm more a fan of the Joker than Batman in this movie. Actually he is the main reason I bought the DVD, but the reason The Dark Knight was listed as a Movie Night Pick is the first scene. Don't remember the scene? Well this should give you a reminder:

It's sad that Heath Ledger died, he was a great actor as he was able to pull this character off so well that you saw pass the fact that it was Heath Ledger, you saw the Joker and the Joker drove this movie.

What I'm loving:
  • The action, they went all out with the action;
  • The Joker
  • Morgan Freeman, cool with strong moral ethics; I loved how he handled the worker who was going to snitch
  • The vehicles were sexy;
  • The Joker's humour;
Check out the trailer below