Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Golden Moments

Growing up, my family only had ABS, Antigua & Barbuda Broadcasting Station, and although I was able to still find something to watch, one of my memories of that station is the Benson & Hedges 555 Commercials. It's amazing I never picked up the desire to smoke, LOL. That is one of the funny things about life, 25 years ago there would be commercials for cigarettes and now you can't smoke in buildings and packs of cigarettes display warning labels that cover half of the package. It's also amazing that people still smoke despite those warnings.

Forgive me I meander a lot. I mentioned the Benson & Hedges commercial because it had a woman coming out of the ocean, bathed in golds and browns. Then a couple months ago, my sis and I were at the beach, and the sun was setting. In that moment our little patch of paradise became a Benson & Hedges commercial. Sometimes life imitates art and we just have to stop and enjoy that moment in time because there is no guarantee that you will have it again.

I couldn't find the exact 555 commercial, but here are a couple I found on YouTube