Thursday, March 7, 2013

Movie Night Pick - Fast Five

Out of all the Fast & the Furious films, I have only seen two from start to finish, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast Five. I will be honest, I did like both movies but I liked Fast Five more. Actually the only thing I liked about Tokyo Drift was the Asian guy who was in the original movies. I know I should be hating on these movies because the portray women as eye candy with the shortest and tightest of clothing, but then the male eye candy makes of for it.

What I find funny is the way that these characters come back to life, the Asian guy died in Tokyo Drift, but there he was healthy and cool in Fast Five. Then in the new movie the Girl Fight chica comes back to life after dying in the Fast and the Furious 4. I can't wait to see what spin they put on her death because in this movie they acknowledged that she was dead.

Anyhoo, back to this movie night pick:

What I'm loving:
  • The action, they went all out with the action;
  • The actors, partly for their acting, partly for their je ne sait quoi;
  • The cars, I won't even go into them because I would need a whole post;
  • The twist in the story line, it kept the movie going;
  • The scenes of Brazil, which was both gritty and beautiful;
Check out the trailer below: